Helm Smart Livall C21 Zwart L (speed pedelec / snorscooter)

105.51 incl. btw

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Fiets- / snorscooterhelm met NTA 8776-goedkeuring voor gebruik op snorscooter in 2023 voor hoofdomtrek van 57-61cm

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Ride in style! Riding never looked or felt so good! Our helmets don’t make you choose between style and function – they give you both so you can have it all.

Ideal Riding Partner for Urban Commuters

A quantum leap forward in safety and protection for commuters whose focus is getting from A-to-B safely.

Bright LED Lighting

Packed-full with smart lighting technology, it provides riders with a high level of security at all times and in all directions. Inductive LED lighting can be set to automatically turn on even in the darkest settings.

Brake Warning Lights

Activated when the built-in-gravity acceleration sensor detects a significant deceleration, the front and rear lights are enhanced for 3 seconds to draw attention from surrounding traffic.

Automatic On/Off

Smart On. Smart Off. It ensures maximum battery longevity by automatically powering off when it is disconnected from a phone and has been motionless for 15 minutes. 

Fall Detection Alert + SOS Alarm

The patented fall detection and SOS system can detect when you fall and send your location to your emergency contacts.

Detachable Visor

Need a little extra UV protection? Use the visor to stay safe from the sun’s powerful rays. You can also quickly and easily detach it.

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